Monday, June 18, 2012

Godzilla & Zone Fighter: BFFs

I've been curious about Zone Fighter, Toho Studios' answer to Ultraman, ever since seeing this picture of him shaking hands with his recurring guest star Godzilla. While I've read about the series online (there's a good overview here), it wasn't until today that I stumbled across a video clip of the show:

There are more videos at Dailymotion if you're interested (they're all of the top results when I Google Zone Fighter Godzilla), but the clip above is all I've gotten around to watching so far.

I think my favorite thing about it is all the nonverbal communication going on between Godzilla and Zone Fighter. They seem to have a real... understanding between them. I almost feel like I'm missing some sort of subtext in the scene.

At least Godzilla gets more respect here than he did on Ultraman.

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