Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bucket o' Godzillas


Last weekend my friend Amy alerted me to a local antique store that had a big plastic tub of Godzillas they were selling for ten bucks each, and today I finally got a chance to check them out for myself. I didn't count to see how many figures there were total, but some of them seemed rare enough to be a decent investment. My wonderful wife offered them $100 for the whole box, and they accepted. It wasn't until I got home and sorted through them that I realized how many figures there were all together.

First of all, there 15 Godzillas:

Additionally, there were 4 King Kongs, 2 Rodans, 2 Minyas, an adult and a larval Mothra, Anguirus, MechaGodzilla, Titanosaurus, Jet Jaguar, Gabara, King Caesar, Gigan, Gamera, Manda, a giant octopus, Ultraman, and Zetton, for a total of 37 figures averaging 6-8 inches in height.

Plus there was a plastic bag containing Mechani-Kong's severed head, assorted island natives and other tiny human victims, and a variety of giant insects and miscellaneous unidentified bits and pieces. (Any help identifying this stuff would be greatly appreciated).

So it was definitely a good deal. Now I have to sort through them and decide which ones I want to keep for my collection, and which ones I'll put up on eBay to recoup my investment (and hopefully turn a profit). 

(Although my wife is convinced that I won't part with any of them and is already referring to the card table I sorted them on as the Church of Godzilla, bowing whenever she walks past it).

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