Friday, April 20, 2012

Animal Man!

Thanks to the pre-Vertigo Grant Morrison series from the late '80s, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Animal Man. Here's an original sketch I got from Joe Phillips back in 1990:

Back when wearing a jacket over your costume was a thing.
 I also have a framed original page of the comic by series artist Chaz Truog.
So it should go without saying that I think these DC Nation Animal Man shorts are AWESOME:

Reminds me of this quote from George Carlin's book Brain Droppings:
Here is an anecdote from the writer Patricia Highsmith: "Not so long ago I said to a friend of mine: 'If I saw a kitten and a little human baby sitting on the curb starving, I would feed the kitten first if nobody was looking.' My friend said: 'I would feed the kitten first if somebody was looking'." I would too, Patricia.
Some people seem shocked and say, "You care more about animals than you do about humans!" Fuckin'-A well told!

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