Thursday, April 19, 2012

A folktale that quite possibly ate a biologist and a Boy Scout leader

***Spoiler Warning for 16-year-old X-FILES episode***

Bait & Tackle? More like Bait & Switch.
TOR.COM is revisiting one of my favorite episodes of The X-Files today, "Quagmire." Giggity! This is the one where Mulder is in search of the lake monster "Big Blue" and Scully's dog Queequeg is devoured by an alligator.

Poor Queequeg
It reminded me of back when Topps Comics was publishing the tie-in comic series in the '90s, they ran a contest for the readers to write in and suggest what gifts Mulder and Scully should exchange at Christmas. I think they were going to do a holiday issue. Anyway, I never sent it in, but I did come up with my entry:
What's wrong, Scully? Too soon?

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