Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Green, Slimy Kind of Day

Haven't felt the urge to get out of bed yet today. Watched The Green Slime on YouTube instead:

I don't care what anyone says, this movie is a masterpiece. It's like Armageddon, Aliens, and Basic Instinct all rolled into one. (Don't believe me on that last one? Check out the tracking shot that runs from about 1:45 to 1:56). And don't miss the awesome theme song that kicks in about 2:55.

Okay, time to get up and do something with my life day.


  1. I was one happy camper when the Warner Archive of this movie came out. I reviewed it here. I recommend it more than some of the factory-pressed DVDs I own.

    Oh, I corresponded with one of the actors in this movie once. Seriously!

  2. Nice review. Yeah, I recognized Richard Jaeckel instantly from his days as Lieutenant Quirk on Spenser for Hire. While the smarmy hero had the appropriate level of cheese for a movie like The Green Slime, Jaeckel seemed to be in a serious drama, and really raised the level of the entire production. And Luciana Paluzzi? Wow!