Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beastie Boys, Burger Chef

Of all the online tributes to Adam Yauch I've seen, Christopher Elam's OWARI provides what is by far my personal favorite. Seriously, how I was I unaware of the existence of a Beastie Boys video about a giant space robot fighting Cthulhu? Seems inconceivable.

And while we're on the subject of OWARI and my mental lapses, how could I have forgotten about Burger Chef? Especially when I specifically remember having this Burger Chef droids poster on my wall, and some of these King Kong glasses? Incrediburgable!

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  1. The Burger Chef thing keeps happening to me because people say something that reminds me and I get all nostalgic all over again.

    Here's a fun fact that I didn't put in my entry because it would be meaningless to people that aren't from around here. When I was looking up info, I discovered that the owner of the Lake Charles Burger Chef franchise was Peter O'Carroll. Not the O'Carroll Group one, but his dad. See what I mean?

    I wonder if Peter Jr. and Pat O'Carroll got their first jobs at Burger Chef? It wouldn't surprise me.