Friday, May 18, 2012

New York Stomped Again

Last month I posted an article I wrote about the financial cost of Godzilla's attack on New York City, and whether or not the extensive property damage would be covered by insurance.

"I could have wrecked even more if my atomic breath had been working that day."

Since then, the Kinetic Analysis Corporation (KAC) has published its damage assessment of the recent Chitauri Invasion of NYC that was repelled by the Avengers. And what did the researchers base their estimate on? Previous damage done by Godzilla:
Using computer models created by KAC R&D for estimating nuclear weapons effects, as well as techniques developed for use in predicting damage in Japan from attacks by ゴジラ(Godzilla), モスラ (Mothra), and particularlyメカゴジラ (Mechagodzilla), the damages and losses resulting from this weekend’s invasion by the Chitauri have been estimated.
"Ballpark? 160 billion."

You can read the 2-page report in PDF form here, and a news article explaining how and why the research was done here.

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