Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Infernal Man-Thing

Writer Steve Gerber (1947-2008) is probably best remembered for creating Howard the Duck in the pages of the Man-Thing comic Adventures into Fear back in the early '70s. One of the greatest characters ever to grace the Marvel Universe -- despite the hack job that George Lucas did on the 1986 movie (I'll sooner forgive him for the Prequels) -- he went on to star in his own satiric comic book series written by Gerber. In the future I'll be posting more about the horrors Howard had to confront in his adventures in a world he never made, but for now...

Marvel has announced that in June they will finally be publishing Gerber's last Man-Thing story, four years after his death. Infernal Man-Thing will be a 3-issue miniseries illustrated by Kevin Nowlan. You can read what Nowlan has to say about the project on Marvel's website. Below is the cover to issue number one by Art Adams, plus the variant covers by Kevin Nowlan and Gil Kane.

Infernal Man-Thing #1 cover by Art Adams

Infernal Man-Thing #1 variant cover by Kevin Nowlan 

Infernal Man-Thing #1 variant cover by Gil Kane
I'll definitely be picking up this series. Thanks to Mike Sterling at Progressive Ruin for alerting me to its existence, along with the 1200-page Man-Thing Omnibus:

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