Thursday, May 3, 2012

R is for Red King

Red King arrived in the mail from Taiwan yesterday (see photo below). The figure commemorates the monster's first appearance from the Ultraman episode "The Lawless Monster Zone," in which he dismembers the bat-like Chandlar.

Chandlar, if you're unclear, is the monster whose face Red King is standing on, and whose wing is hanging out of Red King's mouth. In other words, the loser. And really what do you expect from a monster named "Chandlar"? It hardly strikes fear into one's heart.*

I remember finding the episode a little disturbing when I first watched it, because I wasn't accustomed to that level of blood and gore in a giant monster fight. I've watched Godzilla and the Monster Island crew beat the crap out of one another dozens and dozens of times, but I don't recall any of them ripping another monster's appendage off and throwing it at them. But that's just how they roll in the no-holds-barred "Lawless Monster Zone."

Here is the scene in question. Sorry for the poor quality of the video, but it's the only one I could find online, and I'm way too lazy to capture it from my DVD.

Apparently the music dubbed over it is from the movie Godzilla' Revenge.

*Ironically, a fate similar to Chandlar's befell Chandler Bing. Here he is moments before the monster from Cloverfield ripped off his head and threw it across Manhattan.

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